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you lose your job and have to get unemployment. but wait you have to wait at least 3mos. so you wait and do work searches you find a job inform the idiots that you have found one, they inform you that you can still collect partial, that they take the first 25% then deduct it from what you the were suppose to get.

then you find out that you have to take reemployment classes cause the job you have isn't a full time but part time cause your not making what you were making at your last job. its nothing but a hassle. government employees at job svc in davenport Ia can harass you and do whatever they want and there is nothing you can do about it. but if you cause to much problems instead of looking into the problem job svc will just sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened.

or you hit the wrong button on your phone when you call in and they send you a phone interview letter and it turns out its not that at all. now you learn that if you get a job you have to quit calling in and don't make waves or else they'll try and make your life miserable. and don't think of telling them your gonna contact a lawyer that what they are doing is illegal, why don't you know that the Dav. job service can and will do whatever they want especially Jan dolan.

so people if you lose your job be careful cause the witches at job service of davenport Ia will treat you like a retard and that you have no brains

what a shame!! maybe if the shoe was on the other foot they would see what we go through

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